New to the studio

What to bring

The best way to start your yoga class is by being prepared! Here’s what to bring:

  • Yoga mat (don’t have one with you? No problem! Rent one from us)
  • 2 towels (also available to rent)
  • Reusable water bottle (please note, we do NOT sell plastic bottles at the studio!). Filtered water is available to refill your reusable water bottle
  • Avoid coming to class on a full stomach – but make sure you’re well nourished. You’ll need energy for your class!
  • Arrive well-hydrated… drink plenty of water before class!
  • Wear clothing you feel comfortable getting sweaty in.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class time * Latecomers are NOT permitted to class, sorry!

Studio Etiquette

Here are a few ways we work together to make yoga a fun and peaceful experience for all:

  • Please remove your shoes (boots, roller-skates, whichever!) upon arrival.
  • Sorry, latecomers will not be permitted into class. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class time.
  • Please turn off your cell phone in the studio. There are absolutely no cell phones or other mobile devices permitted in the practice room.
  • Please be scent-free: no perfumes, colognes, or fragrances.
  • Sign in at the desk before you enter the change room.
  • There are no bags or personal belongings allowed in the practice room.
  • Please observe silence in the practice room at all times. It’s our chance to relax in a busy day!
  • Please remain in the practice room for the duration of the class, which includes final ‘Savasana’ (a resting pose before and after class)

Wondering about our age guidelines

Under 14: We maintain our adult classes at 14+ to ensure the integrity of the class for the instructor and other participants. In cases where clients younger than 14 would like to practice yoga, please explore our kids and teen yoga classes.
Ages 14-15: Teens aged 14-15 can attend all of our classes, provided they are accompanied on each visit by a parent or guardian. This means they cannot practice alone, without their parent or guardian in the room with them.
Ages 16-17: Young adults aged 16-17 may practice at the studio with parental consent, primarily issued on our waiver form. Alternatively you may call the studio and provide consent for your own child, or a child you are guardian of. Consent only needs to be provided officially once.

Parking Tips

There are several options for parking around Modo Yoga Cambridge. Depending on the time of day, traffic can get a little busy so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get to the studio and park your car.

1) Dickson Street lot: 2 hour free parking
2) Water Street lot (facing Monigram Coffee): 2 hour free parking
3) Market Square lot (between the Cambridge Farmers Market & City Hall): 2 hour free parking
4) Civic Square lot (behind City Hall): 2 hour free parking
5) Beverly Street lot (top of Dickson Street): 2 hour free parking